About Us

We are wood processing group companies in South Sulawesi. We focus on producing local and international market demands regularly.

Company Profile

PT. Anindya Inti Perkasa is a wood processing company that was established on October 7, 2015 in the city of Makassar As for the focus of this company is to become an integrated wood processing company big and strong vision and mission in becoming one of the best wood processing companies in Indonesia.


Vision and Mission

Being one of the best wood processing companies in Indonesia with an emphasis on sustainable growth and development of competence through human resource development, technology management, and good corporate governance.

Companies that have competitiveness in the wood processing and shipping business in Indonesia and abroad (Import Export).

  • Managing business in total, supported by professional human resources, efficient operational systems, and appropriate and scaleable IT utilization.
  • Make AIP a company that is committed to environmental sustainability.
  • Making AIP a company that is socially committed to the community.
  • Making AIP a best wood processing company that continues to innovate and create to produce superior products that are expected by the market and have high competitiveness.
  • Increasing the value of the company which is built through creativity, innovation and competency of human resources.
  • Develop a business by prioritizing a win-win solution, both with internal work units, as well as with external partners.
  • Build business networks in focus by considering sequential and parallel principles.
  • Providing optimal contributions to customers / companies, countries, employees and the environment.


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Company Details

Land Size: 24,985 M2

Building Size: 5000 M2

Production capacity per year: 6000-10,000 M3

Wood species: Albasia (Sengon), Acacia, Albasia, Johar, Jati Putih (Gamalina), Jati Merah, Eucaliptus.

CSR: Planting / Greening of harvesting areas, Mosques around the Factory Area that can be used by the Neighborhood Community.